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An amazingly gentle and uplifting facial mask with enzyme rich fruits, herb powders, raw and UMF15+ manuka honey and essential oils, aiding in cleansing, exfoliating and aiding in balancing excessive oil production for a calmer and clearer skin atmosphere. 17 Active Ingredients, 90% Whole Plant Based Ingredients.


*Aids in gently exfoliating, nourishing and clearing the skin through consistent weekly exfoliation, which allows the skin to hold on to needed moisture

*Aids in cell regeneration and turnover 

*Aids in clearing bacteria that causes skin inflammation for smoother, clearer complexion


**Expiration: 8 months from date of opening



Once to twice per week, with clean hands, smooth 1 Tsp onto damp skin. Gently massage into to skin and enjoy for 20 minutes, allowing the enzymes to activate. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Follow up with our Rose + Neroli Toner Mist to aid in further pore cleansing then seal in the moisture with our Rosehip Facial Serum and/or Kijani Beauty Balm


SKU: 00303

    INGREDIENTS: Raw Honey, UMF15+ Manuka Honey, *Matcha, *Pumpkin, *Banana, *Ceylon Cinnamon, *Tumeric, *Brahmi, *Gotu Kola, *Rosemary CO2 Extract, *Calendula Extract, *Gotu Kola Extract, Essential Oils of: *Manuka, Sweet Orange, *Bergamot, *Lemongrass

    * = Organic Ingredients


    RAW HONEY: Raw Honey: Due to the lack of processing, raw honey is packed with enzymes, beneficial nutrients and minerals excellent for skin health such as vitamin B, iron, manganese, copper, potassium and calcium. It acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin. Upon contact with water, honey releases peroxide properties which impede bacterial growth that contributes to inflammatory conditions such as acne

    ENZYMES OF BANANA and PUMPKIN: PUMPKIN the Vitamin C powerhouse, is an amazing enzyme packed fruit that aids in protecting the skin against free radical damage, such as wrinkles. Due to the AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), it's beneficial for cell turnover which smooths and brightens the skin. It also contains Vitamin A and B (especially niacin found in Vitamin B, which aids in fighting acne) which aids in boosting collagen production. BANANA: Loaded with potassium, banana is amazing for moisturizing dehydrated skin (different than simply dry skin as oily skin can be dehydrated which can aid in an overproduction of oil). The Vitamin A aids in fading acne scars and dark spots. The zinc aids in fighting acne causing germs, coupled with the lectin which destroys the bacteria that causes acne and pimples. The Vitamin E aids in UV protection. The amino acids nourishes, strengthens and help maintain skin elasticity.

    MATCHA: Due to the chlorophyll, matcha, a green tea, is an amazing detoxifier. It is amazingly good for fighting acne due to it's ability to absorb excess sebum (oil). Due to the catechins within Matcha, it does an amazing job aiding in trapping and inactivating free radicals, which makes it another powerful antioxidant ingredient.


    GOTU KOLA: Gotu Kola, revered as 'the wound healer' is an herb used in Ayurveda that holds amazing properties for cleansing, softening and protecting the skin.


    HONEY: As an antimicrobial, raw honey is amazing for hydrating, plumping and aiding in preventing breakouts on the skin.


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