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About Me

Hello beautiful friends! My name is Latice Kovacs and I am fascinated by natural/organic everything.  I truly believe in the simplicity of nature in its most pure form.  I believe in the power of educating oneself and sharing that knowledge with others to bring awareness to whole and self-wellness.

My natural journey began in 2003, and yes I was an absolute product junkie.  I only skimmed the ingredients not fully aware of what I was putting on my hair and skin.  My skin was becoming problematic, my hair lacked moisture and no matter how many products I applied to my hair it stayed dry.  I learned early on that even though products contain the word "natural" this does not mean it is created equal.  Through my many mistakes I learned how to listen to the needs of my hair, skin, and body.

I sincerely understand how hard it is for women and men of all cultures/races to care for themselves holistically and worry about what they are applying to their hair and skin.  Naju Natural understands the importance of educating the consumer on the benefits of quality ingredients.  We provide you with products that contain natural, raw, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients that are effective.

I have evolved in this journey. It has led me to open a natural online beauty supply store headquartered in Fayetteville, NC.  Natural is beautiful and it is Naju Natural's desire is to inspire you to recognize your individual natural beauty.  I want women and men to feel amazing about the convenient ingredients they are using.  It is Naju Naturals goal to share in the experience of these remarkable products that I have come to love and incorporate into my daily life. Please don’t hesitate to spoil your hair and skin with these natural, exquisite and yummy goodies.


Love Always,

Latice K.

About Me
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My philosophy is very simple; it’s getting back to the basics of loving who you are and the hair and skin you are in.  I want you to indulge in every aspect of the natural hair and skin products that I share with you that the creators pour their hearts and souls into.  Have no regrets of feeling beautiful and sensual with every drop of goodness that touches your skin and hair, it will thank you for it.

"Have no regrets of feeling beautiful and sensual with every drop of goodness that touches your skin and hair, it will thank you for it."

- Latice Kovacs 


Naju Natural Beauty Supply Store (Mailing Address)

439 Westwood Shopping Center, PMB 143

Fayetteville, North Carolina  28314


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