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Pink Himalayan Salt Bath

An aromatic blend of beneficial mineral salts, botanicals and essential oils to aid in restoring magnesium and other beneficial elements to your skin atmosphere. Beneficial for aiding in relaxing sore muscles and calming the senses.


HOW TO ENJOY: Sprinkle a few scoops up to half a cup of salts into your warm bath while filling, step in, breathe deeply and relax. To use as a scrub, scoop salts into hands and massage into skin to remove dead skin and replenish.

Pink Himalayan Salt Bath

SKU: 00410

    Pink Salt Bath:

    INGREDIENTS: +Pink Himalayan Salt, +Dead Sea Salt +Epsom Salt, *Rose Petals *Lavender Buds, *Chamomile Flowers, Essential Oils of: *Lavender, *Geranium, Anise, Sweet Orange, *Bergamot

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