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African Black Soap Bar
  • As a hair cleanser, our African Black Soap Bar aids in thoroughly removing buildup and impurities from the hair. 
  • As a face and body cleanser, helps to minimize and rid the body of acne forming bacteria.


Pure African Black Soap is a, hands down, wonderful ingredient that has been used for generations as a natural remedy for eczema, acne, body odor and to alleviate oily skin. 


Natural black soap is brownish/dk brownish in color and is soft to touch. The soap gets its color from  a combination of the cocoa pod and plantain skins. It is one of the only soaps that do not need lye to aid in lathering and lathers more than any soap without the additional of the carcinogen laurel sulfate.


Natural black soap works for all skin types.  It is known to keep skin smooth and hydrated but without increasing oils in the skin for those who are prone to it. It also works as a wonderful makeup remover. 


To use as a hair cleanser, simply lather the soap in your hands and apply the lather to your hair. 


The Bars are pre-cut in rectangular, square and domed shaped 4oz bars to fit perfectly in your soap dish, soap tray or soap loofa.  For a prolonged lifetime, simply cut pieces of the soap and use small cut pieces at a time.


*All ages and hair types

African Black Soap Bar


    INGREDIENTS:  Coco Pods, Palm Kernel Oil, Plantain Skins

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